Holistic Integration

Shira Stardrift
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Holistic Integration walks you down the path of the inner healer through the personal experience of a medicine woman rising above addiction and trauma. There are numerous tools, transmissions, honest perspectives and personal stories to help the reader connect to a deeper understanding of the gift that lives within each soul, and why the path of healing has remained mostly elusive for so many.

Holistic Integration was born from my work in the assisting and witnessing of people through initiations with entheogenic plant medicines and other healing modalities. The majority of what is shared is from walking through my own life initiations, healing and recovering my innate gift.

There is a need to understand how to meet the transitional times we face. These tools can assist readers with the inevitable initiations ahead personally and collectively.

This manual provides a framework to ally your personal Hero(ine’s) journey in contacting these truths:

~The wound attracts the medicine.

~You are not your trauma and your trauma will guide you home.

~Your life is on purpose.

~Your healing is vital to the Earth and your healing is fully supported.

~Love is and has always been at the center.

Blessed be, Shira Stardrift

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A full 96 pages of wisdom, stories, inspirational art, poetry, quotes and resources for walking the path of the inner healer.

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Holistic Integration

3 ratings
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